Woman saves cracked duck’s egg and carries it in her bra for 35 days

Probably a lot of people wouldn’t react like this if they found an egg. Still, Betsy Ross is a mother, so she knows how to do the right thing.

When she was in the park with her family, they saw a duck’s nest. Unfortunately, that nest was demolished. Then they decided to look for eggs and after a while they succeeded.

They found only one egg that was not completely whole. Betsy knew exactly what she wanted to do with him. Save him.

A local wildlife organization said it would take in the unfortunate animal if it hatches.

Then Betsy began to care for the egg. She kept it in her bra for his safety.

This woman went out of her way to find out information on how to properly care for a baby duckling. It wasn’t a problem for her.

When the little duckling arrived in the world, Betsy took great care of him in order to strengthen him for life as soon as possible.

Soon Betsy took the duck to a better home.

Thanks to these wonderful people, the duck now lives a happy life.

Source: The Pet Needs