Weeks after tragically losing their egg, bald eagles successfully hatch eaglet

The bald eagle is a special animal. At one time it was considered endangered, but due to great care and protection in the country, that is now a thing of the past.


It is truly wonderful when a bald eagle gives birth to a young one. In this case, it is especially wonderful because the couple who gave birth to a cub lost one egg a few weeks before.

Those who tuned in to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ EagleCam were able to follow the couple’s progress in preparing for their cub.

According to the department, the female has been laying eggs in the same nest for years.

Even when it snowed heavily, the mother kept the eggs in the nest and looked after them.

As the DNR wrote, at one point during the shift of incubation duties, the male stood up with one egg stuck to his brood. It is not known whether the egg had already been broken.

Unfortunately, then the couple was left without one egg.

The agency, according to the Kansas City Star, said that in 10 years of doing business, they had never seen anything like it.

As they continued to incubate their second egg, it successfully hatched after some time.

As the department says, the couple was quite protective of the little eaglet.

EagleCam recorded the birth of this little eaglet, and anyone who wants to can continue to follow his growth.

We wish this wonderful family all the luck and success in their joint growth and development.

Source: The Animal Club