Trail cam accidentally captures opossum helping a deer by picking ticks off its face

Often people consider opossums to be very bad animals.

However, according to the Opossum Awareness & Advocacy worker, this opinion is slowly changing.

In the past, people did not like them because opossums often sought a home in the basements of houses. That way, they would crawl somewhere warm and spend time there.

All in all, a lot of people killed possums for various reasons.

However, there is clearly no need to take precautions when these creatures appear in your garden.

Possums can be very useful. They are responsible for reducing Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

It seems that apart from the rest of the food, possums also eat ticks. Even more than anything else, sometimes 5,000 of them in a season.

One camera recently recorded an interesting scene in which a deer and a possum played the main roles.

The Vermont Wildlife Coalition released a photo that proves the benefits of possums. They are very useful in destroying ticks.

In addition to eliminating ticks, possums also fight against mice, snakes and other pests.

Their cleanliness is similar to that of cats, so people have a misconception about that as well.

Sometimes these creatures can be very cute.

However, in most states these creatures cannot be kept as pets by law. After all, it is not recommended at all.

Being misinformed about these creatures has a very bad effect on their lives.