Stray puppy wanders into army base and finds the hero he needed

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like for stray dogs. Griffon, unfortunately, was one of them. He spent a lot of time as a wanderer.

Quite by chance, he once wandered into a military base, and there at that moment was a man who decided to change Griffon’s life.

As soon as the commander of the US Navy noticed this incredible creature, he knew what he wanted.

Soon the whole base wanted to see that amazing dog.

Finally Griffon found a home, and above all, a family.

This commander is sure of his decision, to give a new life to a small dog.

Gary Baumann stated that the Griffon is truly an amazing dog. He loves to hang out with both dogs and people. Baumann, spokesperson for Paws of War, made this statement to The Dodo.

We believe that Griffon will now have a very nice life with his new family.