Stray pooch discovered roaming Detroit streets with plush companion receives heartwarming rescue

In a poignant scene, a German Shepherd was discovered navigating the streets of Detroit in solitude, accompanied only by her cherished stuffed animal. Fortunately, this once-lonely canine is now in safe hands after a successful rescue.

As reported by FOX 2 Detroit, concerned locals, despite the dog being female, dubbed her “Nicholas”. It was revealed that the dog had become homeless following her owner’s passing.

Upon hearing the heartrending tale, various local groups, including It Is Pawzable Dog Training, South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming, and Almost Home Animal Rescue, collaborated to capture the dog and secure her well-being. Katrina Weaver, owner of It Is Pawzable, expressed admiration for the community’s teamwork, stating: “Everybody comes together and works as a team, which is so amazing”.

Gratefully, the joint rescue effort succeeded, with Almost Home No Kill Rescue announcing on May 3 that the dog, now renamed “Nikki” due to her true gender, was safely captured and under their care. Despite the complication of Nikki having heartworm, requiring a four-week treatment, the rescue remains optimistic about her future.

A Facebook post by Almost Home No Kill Rescue expressed positivity, stating: “Only good things from here and onto a better life! Thanks for all your support Nikki will now get to be in a loving home!” Currently, Nikki is undergoing a restful recovery, receiving medication and enjoying leash walks.

The rescue plans to find her a new home once she is fully healed. In the meantime, Nikki is in excellent care, still accompanied by her cherished stuffed animal.

Celebrating the safety of this beautiful dog, we look forward to Nikki’s recovery and the prospect of her finding a wonderful new home soon.

Source: The Animal Club