Stray dog named “Hero” helped injured woman after car accident and saves her life

Hero is the dog we’re going to talk about. He has a really special life story. It is about a German shepherd who wandered through the woods in Georgia. That was in 2007. A woman named Shannon Lorio had an argument with her husband and decided to take a trip. And then very bad things started happening.

Soon her car swerved to the side and she suddenly jumped out of the car. She didn’t believe anyone could help her, and then she saw someone’s shadow.

Then she lost consciousness, and when she came to herself she realized that next to her was a dog.

As Lorio told NBC News, she doesn’t even know when he showed up, she’s just happy and grateful he was there. His name is Hero, he saved this woman’s life.

After appearing at the scene of the accident, Hero took her by the clothes and took her to another road. It’s not exactly easy to take someone who is as relaxed as an unconscious person, but for this dog it wasn’t a problem. Then she was spotted by a person who was in another car. She managed to tell him to bring an ambulance, and then she fainted again. Soon Lorio had fully recovered in her home. Fortunately this brave dog was present in the right place at the right time.

When it was all over the woman was persistently trying to find her savior and eventually found out they had adopted him. Hero has become a real life-saving service dog.

Lorio said she would always be there if he needed any help, because the cost of living is priceless.

The rescue dog now has a new job, which suits him great, and Lorio is incredibly happy for him and his future.