Shelter puppy and her sister hug each other for comfort after being rescued

Jane MacMurchy was informed about the lives of several dogs who do not have good living conditions. She works for Animal Charity of Ohio.

On reaching the unfortunate dogs, the scenes were not very pretty. The difficult living conditions made the dogs sad.

They were completely neglected by their owners.

Although they did not immediately agree to it, later they allowed these people to take the unfortunate dogs with them. Mother Lady and her dogs Peaches and Layla went with the rescuers.

After all the necessary examinations, it was determined that the dogs are in good health.

However, the little dogs were quite scared when their mother was not with them. Then they hugged and comforted each other.

They soon got used to it and were more relaxed.

Now they finally have the life they deserve. These dogs are cared for by the shelter’s friendly staff.

However, the little dogs are still a bit scared, so they don’t separate from each other.

When these adorable puppies grow up a little more, some family will surely want them in their home. Then, in addition to all the care and attention, they will also have the love they deserve.

Source: Pets tms