Rescue mission: Ruben, the loneliest lion in the world, finds sanctuary and salvation

Ruben, a 15-year-old lion, found himself in a heart-wrenching predicament within an abandoned zoo in Armenia. For nearly five years, he endured a solitary existence in what had once been a bustling wildlife sanctuary.

While other animals from the zoo had been relocated to various destinations, Ruben inexplicably remained behind. However, in August 2023, his fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better when he was finally rescued and transported to a sanctuary in South Africa, where a fresh chapter in his life began.

Ruben, known as the “world’s loneliest lion”, was granted a new lease on life when he found refuge in a remarkable sanctuary in South Africa.

The compassionate team at Animal Defenders International (ADI) revealed the heartbreaking story of Ruben, who had spent five agonizing years in a stark concrete enclosure. Prolonged confinement had taken a toll on his muscle strength and mobility, and as the days turned into months and years, Ruben’s health suffered from poor nutrition and a stark lack of physical activity. For a majestic creature like him, a balanced diet and adequate exercise were essential.

Jan Creamer, the President of ADI, emphasized the sociable nature of lions, highlighting how they thrive on interaction. The isolation Ruben endured for so long must have been a profoundly heart-wrenching experience for him.

Through the collaborative efforts of ADI and Qatar Airways Cargo, Ruben embarked on a 5,200-mile journey to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Free State, South Africa, and he reached his destination punctually and without a hitch.

Upon his arrival, a dedicated veterinary team assessed him, and the sanctuary, eager to facilitate his rehabilitation, designed his living space with ramps, guardrails, and other mobility aids, allowing him to move with ease. Witnessing Ruben’s remarkable determination, the staff marveled at his daily progress. The moment he felt grass beneath his paws instead of cold concrete, it was evident that Ruben had finally found where he truly belonged.

Ruben’s interactions with fellow lions revitalized his once-silent roars. Each morning, his calls resonated louder, showcasing his regained confidence and spirit. Before his rescue, years of solitude had made him apprehensive, but now, thanks to his dedicated rescuers, Ruben’s fears were a thing of the past.

While Ruben’s path to recovery may be long, he continues to surprise both the staff and himself with his unwavering resilience every single day. There are moments when he stumbles or wavers, but he always manages to get back on his feet and persevere. His journey is truly inspirational.

The vast ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, spanning 455 acres, is now home to Ruben and 32 other rescued lions and tigers.

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In Ruben’s spirit, there’s a lesson for all of us. Keep shining, Ruben! We’re all cheering for you!