Pitbull Maisy talks to her new mother Marisa all the time after adoption from

Marisa Elbert adopted pit bull Maisy, but she couldn’t imagine spending so much time talking to him.

Although their reputation is not the best, a lot of people opt for this type of dog when it comes to adoption.

This specimen of a pit bull was very positive. The family she had before also wanted to take care of her, but they soon left her.

While they were thinking about how to proceed, Maisy was locked in a small room most of the time and just wanted to be fed.

However, a friend of the family who had previously taken care of Maisy heard what they were planning and decided to take the dog away from them. After handing her over to the shelter, people posted Maisy’s reaction on the internet when she saw her new mother.

Marisa Elbert had fallen very low in life. She lost her parents and her more than 10 year old dog of the same breed. A friend soon showed her a picture of this pit bull.

She was aware that she needed a friend, and that pit bull needed love and attention too.

Now they spend hours and hours in the same way. They talk to each other all the time. Maisy talks about everything she sees, and such energy warms Elberta’s heart.

It’s one wonderful friendship that doesn’t need to be talked about much. They say there has always been such a relationship between them.

Surely Maisy needed a change after so many losses in her life. It is undeniable that Maisy is changing her life for the better and giving her great love and support. Although she could not immediately accept so much attachment, they are now constantly next to each other.

They used to call her ugly, but the owner says it actually makes her cute. A big head and a strangely stocky body are what stand out with her, and I would call it charm.