Pianist plays healing music for rescue elephant in touching footage

A lot of us will probably agree that music works wonders. Often, even the worst moods are corrected by music. As with humans, it seems to be the same with animals. Paul Barton has proven that animals enjoy music. He has been playing excerpts from famous artists for years, and only for a special audience. In this case, it is about rescued elephants. The performance has been taking place in Thailand since 2011.

Khwan Barton

Paul’s last performance was for Mongkol. He is truly an amazing older animal. It’s a bull elephant. Life was very cruel to him, but fortunately he was successfully saved. After years in captivity, he was finally released. He was fascinated by Paul’s performance, as was everyone else.

Paul said that this amazing creature sometimes comes to the piano while walking along the river. It was a sign that he wanted to listen to music. Then he would play a few parts for him.

Paul Barton

Paul mostly has a certain audience. These are rescued elephants from the Elephants World in Thailand. It is a refuge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi.

He is aware that music has a very good effect on these animals. The relationship between him and his audience is special.

Here are some of the beautiful moments:

Paul is aware that he helps these animals so much. Their lives have not been easy, so this means a lot to them. They enjoy music with Paul.

Paul Barton

With all the suffering within themselves, some elephants also experienced major visible injuries. There were also the blind elephants. But still, the music was a great blessing for them.

Enjoy the video:

h/t: My Modern Net