New York dog walker walking over 15 dogs in a pack every day makes incredible photos of his clients

It is a big responsibility to have a dog as a pet.

You probably all know that sad look when you go to work and he looks at you.

It is not easy to leave a dog alone all day. However, when you come home tired, it is not easy to take him for a walk.

The Saratoga Dog Walkers took care of that problem.

Owner and main employee Tim Pink often shares interesting photos of his clients on Instagram.

It is clear that sometimes there are 15 dogs on a walk at the same time.

Walking together helps dogs to socialize, but also to enjoy themselves.

It is certainly not easy to look after 15 dogs at the same time.

Still, Tim does it very well. He even manages to photograph them while they pose calmly.

Tim started all this more than 10 years ago, in 2011 to be exact. People from the area are not at all surprised to see him with so many dogs. In addition to being good at walking dogs, Tim also solves behavioral problems.

He went to the Animal Behavior College, among other things.