Metropolitan Creator Conjures Vintage Gas Tank into Illusionary Sphinx Cat Art

Embark on a visual journey into the realm of awe-inspiring 3D street art with the masterful creations of Braga last1, the imaginative pseudonym of 33-year-old street artist Tom Bragado Blanco hailing from the vibrant city of Marseille, France.

Renowned for his ability to captivate and bewilder audiences, Blanco’s most recent masterpiece unfolds as a monumental sphynx cat seamlessly integrated into the midst of a sprawling field.


Choosing an unconventional canvas, Blanco undertook the transformation of an aging gas tank into a mesmerizing optical illusion. The sphynx cat, a distinctive breed native to Canada celebrated for its hairless appearance, assumes a role of enchanting illusion within Blanco’s artistic narrative.


As Blanco’s artistic vision unfolded, the gas tank underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging as a colossal 3D painting. The final creation unveils a mammoth gray sphynx cat, concealed within the grass, engaging in a captivating gaze with a dog.

The dog’s owner, caught in the midst of the optical illusion, strives to maintain separation between the two mesmerized creatures.


Exploring Blanco’s creative rationale, he deliberately chose the sphynx cat for its personal significance, stating: “I used this cat because it is my girlfriend’s cat. During this confinement period, I am inspired by what we have around us”.


The realization of the colossal feline required approximately two and a half days of dedicated artistic endeavor.

Leveraging the technique of anamorphosis, Blanco elucidates that the optical illusion is most potent when viewed from a specific vantage point.

He clarifies: “It works from one point of view. You have to put yourself at that exact point to see the optical illusion, so I took some points so that it would work. I had to take a picture of the tank to see if it worked for the optical illusion. It’s quite complicated to explain”.


Blanco’s artistic odyssey traces its roots back to his childhood, and he proudly claims the status of being entirely self-taught. His passion for street art initially manifested in the customization of T-shirts, sneakers, and caps.


Over the years, Blanco transitioned from individual commissions, such as frescoes for children’s rooms, to larger-scale projects, including trompe-l’oeil installations in public spaces.


His eclectic artistic portfolio extends to collaborations with hotels, theaters, restaurants, and various businesses, underscoring the versatility and widespread appeal of Blanco’s creative talents. Each stroke of his brush narrates a story, each creation a testament to his boundless imagination and skill, making Blanco a prominent figure in the dynamic world of street art.

Braga last1’s journey into the world of art began in his formative years, where his innate creativity found expression in customizing T-shirts, sneakers, and caps. His foray into street art was marked by an authentic and self-driven exploration of his craft, developing a unique style that seamlessly blends realism with optical illusions.

Blanco’s ability to transform mundane structures into captivating masterpieces speaks not only to his technical prowess but also to his deep connection with the surrounding world.

Blanco’s dedication to his craft is palpable in the intricacies of his work. The massive sphynx cat, with its realistic features, becomes a living entity within the optical illusion, capturing the essence of the feline’s enigmatic allure.

The deliberate choice of the cat from Blanco’s personal life adds a layer of intimacy to the artwork, transcending the conventional boundaries between artist and subject.

The collaborative nature of Blanco’s projects extends beyond the confines of individual commissions, demonstrating the accessibility of art in public spaces. From hotels and theaters to restaurants and businesses, Blanco’s art is a testament to the universal appeal of creativity, enriching the daily lives of diverse audiences.

As spectators engage with the optical illusion, they are not merely observers but active participants in Blanco’s narrative, experiencing the magic of his creations from unique perspectives. The fusion of Blanco’s personal inspiration with his technical expertise renders his art not only visually stunning but emotionally resonant, inviting viewers into a realm where reality and imagination converge.