Louisiana River Boaters Witness Rare Sight: Pink Dolphin and Her Pink Calf

Pink dolphins may sound like something out of a legend, but rest assured, they are very much real, and some even call the United States home!

In the waters of southern Louisiana, near the Lake Charles region, you can encounter a fascinating population of dolphins. The Calcasieu River, along with the lake sharing its name, flows just south of Lake Charles and ultimately merges with the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the well-known spots for catching a glimpse of these rare and mesmerizing pink dolphins is the Calcasieu Ship Channel, attracting both locals and tourists alike. On a recent excursion, a group of boaters had the extraordinary fortune of not only encountering a pink dolphin but also a pink calf, a sight that left them astonished.

YouTube/WFLA News Channel 8

But what’s the secret behind their distinctive pink coloration? Some scientists propose that pink dolphins are actually albino, and their unique pink hue is a result of their special cellular structure. Due to the absence of pigment in their skin, their blood vessels become visible through the surface, creating that enchanting rosy appearance.

The mother dolphin, affectionately referred to as “Pinky” by the locals, has been a cherished resident of these waters since at least 2007. Erik Rue, a local charter boat captain in the area, was the first to document a sighting of Pinky several years ago. He had a remarkably close encounter with the dolphin, at one point being just ten feet away from her, and he managed to capture some remarkable photographs of this unusual dolphin and her pod.

Interestingly, the assumption that a pink dolphin must be female due to its color is a common misconception. However, it’s important to note that pink coloring does not determine a creature’s gender. In our world, there are numerous pink creatures, like flamingos, that can be either male or female.

Nevertheless, Erik Rue was convinced that Pinky was indeed a female. He observed her closely during mating season and captured images to substantiate his claim.

“I know I’m the first one to take pictures of her”, Erik proudly stated.

Naturally, the sight of a pink dolphin raised questions about the possibility of pink calves. Bridget Boudreaux claims to have resolved this curiosity when she spotted Pinky with a pink calf during one of her visits to the channel.

She and her husband made a recording of their encounter, although they couldn’t capture the baby and mother together on video. Nonetheless, Bridget submitted her recorded footage to the local news, offering a tantalizing glimpse of this remarkable aquatic world.

To witness the enchanting world of Pinky and her fellow pink dolphins, and to explore the captivating video captured by Bridget, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the video below.