Long-Term Shelter Resident Finds Solace in Snoopy Blanket After Two Years of Overlooked Waiting

Julie Saraceno, a dedicated shelter volunteer at the Benton Franklin Humane Society in the Tri-Cities, has witnessed countless dogs passing through the shelter’s doors. However, one particular canine had become a longstanding resident, spending a staggering 664 days within the confines of the shelter. Snoopy, a lovable senior dog, had captured Julie’s heart, but his battle with health issues left him perpetually overlooked by potential adopters.

Julie would often stroll past Snoopy’s kennel, where she’d catch him seeking solace in his trusty security blanket. To Snoopy, it was more than just a piece of cloth; it was a source of comfort and a way to self-soothe. “It comforts him”, Julie noted.


Snoopy is looking for an end of life foster or adopter. He has cushings disease, so he has problems with his vision, hearing and weight. Please share so we can find the right person for him. #seniordogsrule #shelterdogsrock #adoptashelterdog #tricitieswa

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At nearly ten years old, Julie recognized that it was high time to shine a spotlight on this shelter’s long-term resident and a beloved figure among the staff.

Determined to find Snoopy a forever home, Julie embarked on a mission to share his story through social media. She took him on daily walks, gathering donations pouring in from all corners of the world, all the while explaining his struggle with Cushing’s disease.


Replying to @eford3825 Snoopy is still waiting for his forever family. #shelterdogsrock #adoptashelterdog #seniordogsrule #adoptme #tricitieswa

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But despite his health challenges, Snoopy’s heart was as sweet as ever.

Julie’s tireless efforts began to pay off as her videos of Snoopy went viral and caught the attention of Forgotten Dogs Rescue.


Watch 3 weeks in the life of shelter dog Snoopy. #shelterdogsrock #adoptashelterdog #tricitieswa

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In a heartfelt post on TikTok, the rescue organization exclaimed: “We kept seeing her videos of Snoopy, a senior pittie with medical issues who had been in the shelter for two years, and we knew we needed to help. The shelter staff and volunteers have taken amazing care of him and love him so much, but he deserves to be in a home!”


Goals. #shelterdogsrock #seniordogsrule #adoptashelterdog #tricitieswa

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With this determination, they coordinated Snoopy’s rescue from the shelter.


We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the FDR family: Snoopy! Snoopy has been at the Benton Franklin Humane Society in the Tri-Cities for almost 2 YEARS! Woof! Julie, a shelter (and FDR) volunteer made it her mission to get Snoopy out of the shelter and shared him all over her social media. You may have seen this special senior boy’s posts with @Julie Saraceno, Newsweek shared his story! We kept seeing her videos of Snoopy, a senior pittie with medical issues who had been in the shelter for two years, and we knew we needed to help. The shelter staff and volunteers have taken amazing care of him and love him so much, but he deserves to be in a home! We officially pulled Snoopy from the shelter today and he made his way to a temporary foster home, but we are looking for a longer term foster for him in the greater Seattle area. He is such a sweet, lovable, and funny boy! He needs to be the only dog in the home, and we will start working to get  his medical needs sorted out. He has some skin issues and we already got him in to see one of our primary veterinarians, and we will be getting him in to see a dermatologist. If you’re interested in fostering Snoopy, please send an email to [email protected] or send a DM. We supply all food, equipment, vet care and support! Welcome to the family, Snoopy, we love you! #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #freedomride #shelterdogsrock #tricitieswa

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Snoopy left the shelter amidst cheers and applause, heading to a temporary foster home while the rescue scoured the greater Seattle area for a long-term foster. “He is such a sweet, lovable, and funny boy”, the rescue team declared, encapsulating Snoopy’s endearing character.


Replying to @smcmullin I think he will probably always do this. It comforts him. #shelterdogsrock #seniordogsrule #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #tricitieswa

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Julie, his steadfast ally, personally transported Snoopy to his foster home and shared a heartwarming video of his liberation. Snoopy couldn’t wait to hop into the car, eager to start a new chapter in his life.


Replying to @inlimpbizkitwetrust Snoopy is doing great! #fosteringsaveslives❤️ #shelterdogsrock #seniordogsrule #seattlewa

♬ Bundle of Joy – Jartisto

Since arriving in the care of Forgotten Dogs Rescue, Snoopy’s medical needs have been diligently addressed, including his skin issues and other health concerns.


Replying to @@more.books.yes.please We are so excited to say we found a long term foster for Snoopy! He isn’t up for adoption quite yet. Stay tuned for updates! #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #formershelterdog #seattlewa

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An update from his temporary foster home read: “Snoopy is doing great in his foster home. He’s making himself right at home”, vividly portrayed in a video where he joyfully leaped onto the couch.


Replying to @Lisa Pomeroy Snoopy loves pupsicles! #fosteringsaveslives #shelterdogsrock #adoptashelterdog #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #tricitieswa #seattlewa

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Luckily, Forgotten Dogs Rescue managed to secure a long-term foster home for Snoopy. While he isn’t available for adoption just yet, he’s relishing his new neighborhood, going on delightful walks, and, of course, snuggling with his cherished Snoopy blanket.


Snoopy update to brighten your day! Make sure to follow @forgottendogsrescue for announcements on when he’s adoptable. #shelterdogsrock #rescuedismyfavouritebreed #adoptashelterdog #pnwdog #tricitieswa

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Snoopy has also discovered the joy of pupsicles and has taken a liking to splash pads, popping bubbles, and an abundance of plush toys.


The answer to every problem. #shelterdogsrock #fosteringsaveslives #adoptashelterdog #tricitieswa

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It’s crucial that dogs like Snoopy receive the attention they deserve, and Julie’s unwavering commitment ensured he found his way out of the shelter and into the care of a loving rescue, guaranteeing him the most delightful golden years.

To support Snoopy and the incredible work of Forgotten Dogs Rescue, you can visit their website.