Hero dog braved through a burning house to rescue his little kitten friend

There are so many unfortunate events in the world, that sometimes it is truly a miracle to see something beautiful.

Of course, the good news mostly comes from animals and their kindness.

Today we will present you a story that is always nice to read. Namely, a long time ago in Donetsk, Ukraine, there was a big fire. The result of that fire was an explosion that disturbed citizens miles away.

Everyone from the town had to leave, but one dog didn’t want to. While everyone was running away, he ran into the house. His owner did not know what was happening and was afraid for his pet.

As a homeowner, he stood and watched the flames engulf his home. He only hoped to see his dog again. And that soon happened. His dog ran out of the house, but not alone. In his mouth was a small kitten that was also part of the family.

The dog and the cat were always hanging out, they were very good friends. This is the reason why the dog could not leave the cat, but came back to get him and save him. Kitten was more important to him than himself. The owner was very happy.

Since the kitten was quite small, it would not have been able to save itself. Fortunately, he has a very good friend. All the people of the town were delighted with the act of this dog. He is a real hero.

Another proof of how much animals really deserve our love and care.