Don’t give up hope, dog always rode the bus hoping to find his owner

When someone mentions a dog, we immediately think of our most loyal friends. There are many situations that prove this. We are just writing about one of them. Many years ago, Andrew found himself in a situation that left him speechless.

He spends most of his time in the countryside, where he has his own house. There Andrew also has a small garden that he takes care of a bit and grows something. He usually comes to his cottage by bus.

The day came when Andrew didn’t have a chance to come to the cottage for some other reason. After a year, he came by bus.

While driving, he saw a dog at the bottom of the bus. He sat still and made no trouble. Everyone thought that the owner had managed to persuade the driver to put his dog there.

They passed several stops, and then the dog decided to leave the bus, unaccompanied. Andrew then thought the dog came here quite by accident, and then came out that way. But that was not true.

From that day on, the dog was often seen on the bus and always went out in the same place. Everyone treated the dog nicely, and they knew how to feed it.

That man was interested in that animal. After a while he decided to ask the bus driver everything he knew about that dog. He got answers he didn’t expect. Namely, the dog was always in the presence of its owner. The dog didn’t bother anyone, because he was completely silent.

One day, the dog and the owner stopped going together. The dog then appeared and followed the same route. It used to happen that he wasn’t there for a while either, and then he came again and got off at the same station.

No one knows where the dog owner is, but no one is bothering that dog. It is also possible that the dog is persistently looking for him, although we do not know how successful he is in this.

Often they tried to take the dog to their home and take care of it, but it always came back.

No matter what, one needs to have great strength to constantly go in search of the man who took care of him and who means so much to him.