Dog’s Remarkable Response to a Minor “Paper Cut” Captivates Hearts Across the Globe

A trip to the local dog park can sometimes turn into a minefield of mishaps for Jaqweenie, a former stray dog. From bee stings to mosquito bites, he’s faced his share of outdoor calamities, including the infamous “great paper cut incident of 2021”.

A viral video of Jaqweenie’s dramatic moment resurfaced when his owner, Jean Mosher, reposted it along with the hashtag #neverforget.

Mosher recounted the day when she knew something was amiss as she spotted Jaqweenie sitting alone in a park corner, visibly distressed. He was trembling, gingerly lifting his paw, and incessantly licking it. Concerned, onlookers at the dog park gathered around, thinking he might have suffered a broken or sprained leg.

Worried for Jaqweenie’s well-being, Mosher hurriedly rushed him to the vet. The veterinarian conducted a thorough examination, exploring the possibility of a dislocated knee (given his luxating patellas) and checking his vitals, complete with a tiny blood pressure cuff. However, everything appeared to be in order. Upon closer inspection of his injured paw, they discovered a minuscule cut, so tiny it hadn’t even bled.

Despite the lack of a need for a bandage, Mosher requested the vet to wrap Jaqweenie’s paw to offer him comfort. This care amounted to a $150 bill, but it was a small price to pay for his well-being.

The drama didn’t conclude at the vet’s office, though. Jaqweenie decided he needed to be carried out, and for the remainder of the day, he demanded extra attention. As Mosher humorously described it: “He milked it for all it’s worth”.


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Jaqweenie, a former stray, has certainly had his share of misadventures in the great outdoors. From the harrowing bee sting of 2022 to the more recent traumatic mosquito bite of 2023, it seems that nature hasn’t been particularly kind to him.

Despite his series of unfortunate incidents, Jaqweenie’s charming personality and bravery shine through. Mosher adopted him from a shelter several years ago, smitten by his lovable overbite. She shared a lighthearted video on Instagram capturing Jaqweenie’s recovery from the notorious paper cut. Clearly feeling better, he took matters into his own paws, removing the bandage and limping his way to the kitchen for dinner.

In her Instagram post, Mosher encapsulated her beloved dog’s courage, stating: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘the good lord gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers'”. Jaqweenie may have faced his share of adversity, but his resilience and indomitable spirit remain unwavering.