Dog saves baby girl’s life after she stopped breathing in the middle of the night

A lot of beautiful things happen when there is a dog in the home along with the family.

Besides being our best friends, they are often able to save our lives.

We read many times about how some dogs warned their owners of danger and thus saved their lives.

Now, one woman is calling her dog a hero after it alerted her and her husband after their child stopped breathing.

Kelly Andrew is the owner of Henry the dog. He was very restless one evening, kept coming into the nursery and waking Kelly’s little baby.

It wasn’t fun for Kelly because the baby was sick and the dog seemed to be bothering her all the time.

However, Kelly soon realized that her dog was warning her that the baby had stopped breathing.

The baby was immediately taken to Connecticut Children’s Hospital to get the help she needed.

The mother of this baby is very grateful to the dog and said that we don’t deserve them.

Who knows what would have happened if this dog had not reacted. A truly beautiful creature.

Kelly was convinced her baby had a cold, but it turned out she was struggling to clear her airway.

After successful treatment, the baby was taken home to continue his recovery there.

We are very happy with how it all ended. A hero dog saved a little baby’s life and she is now safe.

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