Determined owner embraces paraplegic pup, sharing rainy bliss: “His unyielding love endures”

“I will care for you until the end, my son”, Alfrene whispered, her strength diminished by a stroke, rendering her unable to stand as before.

The responsibility of caring for a pet is akin to raising a child, for it involves nurturing a living being entirely reliant on human companionship. Those who share their homes with furry friends understand that there will be moments of joy and challenging times, but what matters most is unwavering companionship.

In light of this, devoted pet owners will go to great lengths to ensure their beloved companions continue to relish life, even when their bodies no longer respond as they once did. This devotion is beautifully exemplified by Agea Santos from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, who, after experiencing a debilitating stroke, resolved to maintain the same quality of life for her faithful friend.

She found immense joy in watching her dog, My Thousand, frolic in the rain and play with water. Despite her own mobility limitations, Santos lovingly carried her pup in her arms, allowing him to savor the water’s embrace.

A heartwarming video on her Instagram account captures these tender moments. It reveals the instances when My Thousand falters during his walk, prompting his devoted owner to promptly scoop him up in her arms and place him gently in the rain, ensuring that he could continue to experience the joy of raindrops.

“He used to love running in the rain and playing in the water, and he still does”, Santos reminisced. “Despite everything that has happened, I wanted to create beautiful memories. I will care for you until the end, my son, Farawi. I am deeply grateful to my wife Ray for her unwavering support.”

In another poignant video, while My Thousand still enjoys playing in the rain, Santos imparts a heartfelt reflection for all pet owners: “Cherish your furry friend before they grow older or face illness, as time passes swiftly. These clips are from two years ago, just before he had a stroke, which aged him and affected his mobility.”

Despite the odds, Santos remains determined to assist her furry companion on the road to recovery. “He lost the ability to use his left side, including his vision, due to the stroke, and we’re working on his rehabilitation and helping him regain his mobility. He’s receiving physical therapy from a specialist and acupuncture from another expert. We hope to see him fully restored soon”, Santos explained.