Although his mother doesn’t want him, this world rarest white-faced fawn is finally getting a new chance at happiness

A unique white-faced fawn named Dragon has found a compassionate home at an animal farm in Michigan after being abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, as reported by

Dragon, a charming week-and-a-half-old deer, was born at Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, Michigan, and is now under the care of Hilary Powell, the farm’s owner and his human surrogate mom.

The reason behind Dragon’s abandonment is believed to be his distinctive white face, a characteristic that would pose challenges for survival in the wild, according to Fox 17. Powell explained that in their natural habitat, fawns with such features are exceptionally rare. Dragon’s biological mother, Bunny, is a whitetail Piebald deer.

Dragon, with his striking blue eyes and pink nose, likely stood out from other fawns and faced rejection in the wild. Powell highlighted the rarity of his appearance, noting that typically, fawns have black noses.

In the wild, having a pink nose can be a disadvantage as it is highly sensitive to light and can lead to sunburn.

Despite the challenges, Dragon is now receiving love and care in his new home. Powell and her family have taken on the responsibility of bottle-feeding the young fawn until he is ready to interact with farm visitors and engage in deer activities.

This heartwarming story showcases the resilience of nature and the compassion that humans can extend to those in need, ensuring a bright future for Dragon at the Michigan animal farm.