Adopted Kangaroo Insists on Daily Couch Relaxation and Cuddle Sessions

Rufus, the endearing kangaroo who found refuge at Pumpkins Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary when he was just 8 months old, quickly made himself at home on their cozy sofa.

Every evening, like clockwork around 6pm, this young joey can be found at the doorstep, eager to be let inside for some quality couch time and a dose of cuddles from his surrogate dad.

Kym Haywood, the compassionate guardian of this animal rescue sanctuary, has observed that Rufus has his designated spot on the couch.

However, when it’s time for a peaceful night’s rest, Rufus willingly heads back outdoors to rejoin his kangaroo companions.

In Kym’s words: “Rufus is a true character, brimming with an abundance of personality”.

It’s evident that this adorable kangaroo has a penchant for the cushy comforts of the couch, making him a delightful, albeit unconventional, couch potato!