A woman with a big heart successfully persuades a man to finally release his poor dog who is tied up

Upon arriving at a distressing scene where several dogs, along with a litter of puppies, were tethered in chains, dog rescuer Lisa Chiarelli faced a disheartening sight. The mama dog, visibly undernourished, bore the burden of a cumbersome chain around her neck, exacerbating her fragile state. Despite the grim conditions, a spark of hope emerged as the mama dog wagged her tail upon Lisa’s arrival, signaling a glimmer of trust.

Frankie, Lola and Friends Dog Rescue

Quickly assessing that the owner was overwhelmed and struggling to care for the dogs, Lisa embarked on a mission to make a difference. The urgency to rescue the puppies was met with success, but the man vehemently resisted releasing the chained-up mama dog. Undeterred, Lisa persisted, only to be met with a firm denial from the man.

In a pivotal moment, Lisa chose compassion over confrontation. The unexpected response from the man brought both surprise and immense relief, as showcased in the video capturing the unfolding events.

As Lisa aptly stated in the video: “It pays to be kind”, a sentiment that resonated profoundly in this rescue. Mama Lucky, burdened by a heavy chain yet resilient, seemed to sense a shift in her fate. Her tail, despite the physical constraints, continued to wag, reflecting a glint of optimism.


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Thanks to the intervention of Frankie, Lola and Friends Dog Rescue, Mama Lucky not only regained her health but also found an extraordinary family. This heartening tale stands as a testament to the transformative power of kindness, proving that compassion can break chains and pave the way for a brighter future.